Here, we are going to present you the attractive points of this summer program by telling what we did this summer. On the weekend of the middle of August, we went to Yokohama, 40 minutes of train from Tokyo. This year, before going to the brewery tour, we went to China town to take a light meal for lunch. We ate dumplings, steamed meat buns, bubble tea, shaved ice and so on! After that, we went to the tour of the famous Kirin brewery. We can learn how Kirin beers are produced and being developed. Tasting is also the biggest charm of this tour ! You can try as much as three kinds of drink (alcohol and soft drink) And then, after the tour, we visited Minatomirai area. Every year, there are thousands of Pikachu (the most famous Pokémon character) appearing in this area. If you are fan of Pokémon, you should participate for sure! We visited Cup Noodle Museum as well, where you can make your own cup noodle by designing the container and choosing the flavor and ingredients by yourself.

In the end, we gathered at Osanbashi and took pictures with all the participants of this event with the beautiful Yokohama scenery for the background. For those who had time, we had dinner together at Yokohama station. We guarantee all participants a great time and memories together, through visiting and learning about Yokohama. There may be some changes and improvements so please look forward to the next year summer program in Yokohama as well!!