We went to the next generation energy parks in Sakai city.

At first ,We visited Sakai city clean center factory. This factory is refuse disposing facility.  A variety of waste materials are melted at high temperature in the gasification and meiting furnace, and resources recovered. The melt can be reused as a valuable new resource. Waste heat is occured during disposing garbage. This heat is recovered in the boiler and used to generate electricity and hot water in this factory.

Second, we went to DINS Bioethanol factory. Normally, wood-base biomass has the subject of its low fermentation yield. In this factory, ethanol is abstracted from waste woods through the use of edge technology.

At last, we visited Kansai electric power co.,inc. promotion center.
Kansai electric power have cooperatively constructed a large-scale photovoltaic power generation plant called “Mega-solar” in sakai city.Thin-film PV modules produced by Sharp Corporation at Green Front Sakai are used. since an inclination angle of 15 allows PV mounting system to mitigate wind pressure, the amount of concrete for foundation blocks has been reduced.

After the factory tour was finished, IAESTErs and trainees gave a presentation about their country’s energy problems.