Every year, IAESTE countries organize a number of events for cultural exchange among trainees and members. The main aim of the cultural program is to get to know new people, new places and different cultures to truly connect people from across the world!

Summer Program


First of all, Forum event is held for purpose not only of international exchange, but also for deeper learning of each other’s culture and technology. Unlike other events of IAESTE Japan, we provide the opportunity of discussion based on the theme of the visit.

This years, we held the Forum in Katsushika, Tokyo. Shibamata is famous for its various Japanese traditional craft-works. We fortunately got the wonderful chance to learn about traditional Japanese crafts through close interaction with genuine 3 Shishos (craftsmen) of the craft-works; Shamisen, Inden and Katagami. Separated into 3 groups, each craft-man generously explained how they actually make the traditional craft-works and told us about the problems they are facing in this time of globalization. Moving to a guesthouse, we, as students and trainees, discussed about some future suggestions to the craftsmen based on the given explanation. At the end, each of the 3 groups shared what we’ve learned and what we’d like to suggest.

We also had time to visit around Shibamata. We enjoyed the food and the beautiful Japanese traditional scenery.

We had a great time learning about the technology and the situation of traditional craft-works, and communicating with each other by exchanging our ideas. We greatly appreciate the 3 craftsmen and trainees who actively participated in Forum!